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Meet Pastor John Smith



Pastor John Smith received his call to pastoral ministry in 1997. He attended Southern Adventist University from 1997 to 2001. Over the 15+ years in ministry Pastor Jeff has served as pastor, bible and math teacher. He has a passion for evangelism. He wants people, young and old, to know the mercy, grace and redemption that Jesus provides. He tries to communicate that in his life and behind the pulpit. Pastor Smith has a passion for Christians Education. He gets involved in the life of the school from teaching classes, having worship, pastor play day and bible study. Pastor Smith enjoys reading, football, golf and exercise. His partner in ministry is his wife Monica. They have two canine children, Fluffy and Snickers.




Coming This Week Sept. 20 to July 26

11:00 am September 22 Tuesday Bible Study w Elder Smith - not live streamed
7:00 pm September 23 Wednesday Bible Study with John Doe
7:00 pm September 25 Friday Prayer and Praise with Heaven Praise Choir
 9:30 am September 26 Saturday Sabbath School:  Elder J. N. 
11:00 am September 26 Saturday Sermon:  Elder James White


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Weekly Schedule:

  • Tuesday Bible Study w Pastor John Smith 11 am, not livestreamed
  • Wednesday Revelation Bible Study open and live streams at 7:00 pm
  • Friday Prayer & Praise open & livestreams w bluegrass band 7 pm          
  • Saturday Sabbath Bible Study open and live streams at 9:30 am
  • Saturday Morning Worship open and live streams at 11:00 am

Children's Sabbath School Classes now open.
Other services of the church remain cancelled pending further notice

For continued safety please note:

  • Social distancing will be practiced sitting in alternate pews. 
  • Masks are to be worn. 
  • No fellowship dinners during the first phase of reopening.  (More details to follow)

Offerings may be sent via Online Giving
or checks may be mailed to:

    My Church Seventh-day Adventist Church
    P.O. Box 4321
    Church, ZZ 54321 

Church office:  123-456-7890 
Pastor Elder John Smith, Pastor:  123-456-7890 
Head Elder:   123-456-7890


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